About OpenNetmask, an Open-Source Initiative

OpenNetmask was formed to deliver to you, a user of the Web, the capability to control what personal and browsing information you wish to share with the companies, organizations, and government websites you interact with online.

Our team is comprised of acknowledged industry experts in Sales, Technical Marketing, Network Engineering and Hardware Engineering.  Our team's time in service ranges from the beginning of the social media era (AOL, Bulletin Board Systems (BBS), Compuserve, Prodigy, etc.), up until working for the largest social media companies that predominate this space today.

Our diverse team is ultra knowledgeable about how your browsing data is collected and used, both with your permission and without.

OpenNetmask source code is open-sourced.  Anyone with hardware, operating system and advanced networking skills can build the system we sell as a turnkey HW/SW solution.  Our HW/SW solution also provides, on a subscription basis, support and no charge updates to our SW stack.  We should also point out that we never push you updates.  You must pull them through a secure multi-factor authentication system.

The OpenNetmask User Interface (UI) is best in class, and allows a home IT manager to do highly technical operations that are normally only done in a secure data center by experts.


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