Welcome to OpenNetmask, an Open-Source Initiative

What happens today when you, your home IT manager, uses a browser to access the WEB?

To begin, there is a ton of usually unwelcome content that comes down the wire or over your cell data link, which is irrelevant to whatever you're doing, that is pushed to you - usually ads, which in turn have been selected for you based on your browser activity, which clogs your network, slows your machine, erodes your privacy, and exposes you to malicious actors.  You are also sending, usually unknowingly, lots of tracking information about your network browsing and search history upstream of your location and onto who knows who!

We are building a small form factor Bump in the Wire (BITW) network communication device that uses off the shelf hardware and runs open source software, which filters and/or encrypts your traffic in order to enhance your network connected experience, privacy, and security.  An OpenNetmask appliance looks very similar to your existing cable modem or broadband router, and can easily be configured with a simple and straightforward User Interface (UI).

Here are a few technical details, for inquiring minds:

Our device runs a secure open source Linux distribution/operating system with a firewall, an HTTP(S) proxy, an encrypted DNS forwarding resolver and a Virtual Private Network (VPN) client so that only the information that goes out into the world is the information you want to send, and whatever information is sent out is sent in a way that is resistant to eavesdropping by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and commercial and non commercial content providers. A VPN endpoint feature allows you to get the same level of privacy and security, even when you're not on the same physical network, as when your are directly connected to your OpenNetmask appliance (i.e. using your phone out in public).

OpenNetmask does not use cookies or trackers.  There is no fingerprint of your visit.  We don't know that you were here.

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